Being autistic is a wild ride because nts constantly say you aren’t autistic for reasons that make no sense.

“You aren’t autistic, you use social networking sites” ” you can’t be autistic, you finished high school” “you can’t be autistic, you have friends” “you can’t be autistic, you act like a person instead of the subhuman shit that I think autistic people are” (that’s not one they say aloud but they clearly think it )


I’m not looking forward to hearing these comments, because before my diagnosis, I had major doubts that I really was autistic. Even though I now have a diagnosis, I’m worried that comments like this will bring back the horrible self doubt I went through.

I’m kinda apprehensive about becoming an autism\ neurodiversity “activist” on sites like Facebook because of this :\


Dear parents who won’t vaccinate your children,


My older brother was one of the children who had a bad reaction to a vaccine and now has high-functioning autism. Did it affect him? Yes. Did it affect our family? Yes.

But you know what? He’s healthy. He’s happy. He’s now 19 and in college studying computer science. More than what a lot of unvaccinated adults can say.

Now get the fuck off your high horse and realize there are WAY more pros than cons to getting your child vaccinated.

This is really frustrating… Vaccines do not cause autism! It’s been shown that differences in the brain that are associated with autism show up before birth. If it were caused by vaccines, how do you explain the fact that autism can run in families, which shows that it has a genetic cause?

As an autistic myself, I understand that your intentions are good, but you’re misinformed.

metapianycist asked:

I googled just now and found that "autism survivor" means an autistic person who is thought to have been "cured" because they've gotten so good as passing for NT. I feel sick.

Yeah. One of the first websites you find when you google “autism survivor” is called TACA Talk About Curing Autism, and has phrases like “Autism is a spectrum disease…” and talk about cures……

It’s frustrating…..